Ltd. "Primepanel" is the only official representative of GLASBORD panels in Latvia

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Ltd. "Primepanel" is the only official representative of GLASBORD panelsin Latvia, thus we are able to offer the highest quality, and our employees are the most familiar with the assembly nuances of exactly these unique panels. They are applicable to places where is produced food, medical supplies, pharmaceutical products and in premises, which are built according to very high hygiene standards and regulations. The company has more than ten years of work experience, it successfully operates in Scandinavian and Baltic countries, and has installed more than 1000000 m2 of panels. GLASBORD wall and ceiling panels are: abrasion-resistant; waterproof; shockproof.

Customer reviews

"For our business development, were useful qualitative Primepanel

products and solutions. Thanks Karlis for the great responsiveness."

Kirovs Lipmans "GRINDEX"


"Cooperation with Primepanel is
very good, offered panels are
among the best in the world. We are very satisfied with the services - professional and responsive
staff providing extra."

Aleksejs Trigubjuks "LIDO" pārstāvis


"In our factory we can compare that
panels must be placed also there 
where they are not at the moment, 
because it is an investment in the long term, we can say that they have a lifetime warranty. During these ten years has not been carried out any repairs."


Liepkalnu Bakery

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