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"Glasbord FXI" panels

"Glasbord FXI panel is A class and protected against fires. Glasbord FXI has been approved by fire class, received several approvals in most of the world, so to Glasbord trust mostly fiberglass products industry experts. On panels does not form mold, they do not rot or corrode, at the same time are resistant to moisture and most chemicals. Surfaseal is a unique coating that compared with standard fiber glass panels are:

• two times more wear-resistant,
• six times more color resistant,
• ten times cleaner.

"Glasbord FXI" is intended for use if there are particularly stringent 
requirements for hygiene, as well as it has additional flexibility, durability
and high fire safety standards. Wall panel is suitable for sanitary and similar 
purposes, such as food industry, clinical manufacturing, hospitals, state agencies, car washes, etc.

"Glasbord FXI" paneļi

"Glasbord P" panels with Surfaseal

These panels are certified according to fire protection class C. On the wall panels does not forms mold, they do not rot or corrode, moreover, these panels are resistant to moisture and most chemicals. Surfaseal is a unique surface, in comparison with the conventional reinforced synthetic material surface is characterized by that it has:

• twice the resistance to deterioration,
• six times better color resistance,
• ten times easier to clean material.

"Glasbord FXI" is intended for use in places where are particularly stringent requirements for flexibility, durability and hygiene. Therefore, these wall panels are well suited for sanitary and similar purposes, such as for use in the food industry, clinical industries, hospitals, public institutions, etc.

"Glasbord P" paneļi ar Surfaseal



"Sanigrid II" Fiberglass

On Sanigrid II ceiling systems does not forms mold, it does not rot, corrode, and at the same time is resistant to moisture and most chemicals. Sanigrid ® II ceiling system uses sheets with Glasbord ® FXI or Glasbord ® CGI sheets, which both have unique Surfaceal surface.

Glasbord ® FXI is used in areas where are necessary extra durable surfaces. Glasbord CGI sheets are used as standard and they have a fire safety class C. Fire classes are defined according to ASTM E84.

Surfaceal is a unique coating and compared to the standard FRP surfaces,
it has up to two times larger abrasion resistance, six times higher color resistance, and it is up to ten times easier to clean. Sanigrid II roof system
is used when there are high flexibility, durability and hygiene requirements.

"Sanigrid II" stiklšķiedras



Wet doors ID

Door leaf from fiberglass is polyester (FRP) reinforced with effective insulation and a thick insulation polyurethane. ID doors are durable, hygienic and easy to clean. ID doors can be used in wet environments. They have simple, effective and economical installation.

Wet durvis ID

Sandwich panels

Sandwich panels

"Glasbord"  Sandwich panels

25 mm Glasbord panels are durable, interior wall panels made of fiberglass and plastics (FRP) with a 25 mm extruded polystyrene. Panel does not accumulate mold and rot, and is resistant to moisture and most chemicals.

25 mm Sandwich Panel is used primarily for insulation, renovation and existing wall protection. Panels can also be used in construction for partition walls, external walls and ceiling. Panel provides a very good protection, it is hygienic and it is easy to clean and maintain it. Especially suitable for food and pharmaceutical industries.

"Glasbord" Sendvičpaneļi

Skirting boards and protective curbs

Skirting boards

Skirting boards and protective curbs

Particularly suited for food plants. Are made of highly durable composite material with an antibacterial polyester or stainless steel coating. They come in different thicknesses and heights, as well as these skirting boards can be quickly and easily mounted.

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